Solutions for the real world


Offsite and Centralized Backup

For years, magnetic tape has been the only reliable way to ensure a backup would not be destroyed in a full disaster was to grab that tape and take it somewhere. Not anymore.  We provide a service/solution that encompasses an onsite centralized backup, as well as a secure, offsite backup.  While the onsite would provide revision backups dating back as far back as you have space on the server, the offsite gives a full, most recent backup.  In case of an occasional missing file, a restore would occur from the onsite. In case of a virus outbreak network-wide, a restore could be done from the onsite, or from offsite.


Project, Support & Helpdesk Management

Can’t see the forest for the trees. We’ve all been there. Too many little things going on to be able to keep an eye on the big picture.  We’re here to help.  We’re here to not get caught up in the day to day activites, but to concentrate on working with those that need to. We’re here to complement your current staff by completing long running projects, deployments and network/project oversight.


Unified Tracking/Mapping

Want to see your vehicles/units on a map? We can do that. Want to be able to show a subset of your vehicles on a map, in real time, privately? We do that too!

Vehicle Geolocation/Unified Tracking

Struggling with your current Mobile Data solution because it is limited in what it can do? We can help.  We’ve build a distributed system that can receive your AVL, interpret and/or repeat it to other end points.  For instance, if your AVL device will only send TAIP to one endpoint, our system could receive that data, convert it to NMEA, and send it to one or more end points. Or send it in TAIP and NMEA to other end points.


Zoll Rescuenet Product Deployments, maintenance/upgrades and development

Computer Aided Dispatch products have come and gone, but Zoll Data seems to be here to stay.  We have  a vast experience in deployment, maintenance of, upgrading as well as development of custom interfaces for Zoll Data Rescuenet Billing-Dispatch and ePCR.


Network Engineering, re-engineering and deployment

Proper network deployment and engineering must be done correctly from the start. Future proofing your network against growth, additions and security lays the groundwork for a trouble free environment. We can help you start your network, or re-engineer your current network without complete outages.


Custom Application Development

Need to get some applications to talk? Have an idea for an integration? We can help. We specialize in custom development of applications to automate integrations, especially when it comes to Zoll products.


 Mobile Data

In this day and age, personnel and points of access are a moving target, as well as their whereabouts. Some businesses rely on that. Our vast experience in EMS and public safety as a whole has allowed us to tailor a solution that is not only available anywhere, anytime, but also secure enough to transmit patient data.

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